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About HelpMeBro
What is HelpMeBro and how does this app work?

Bros are everywhere around us, women and men from all continents and all occupational groups, who can help you.
HelpMeBro is a social app, which connects Bros in your neighborhood.On one hand there are Broswho need help and on the other hand there are Bros who can help you.

Mostly we are asking our friends for help, who can not help fast or in the right way most of the time. Usually they are also not near.
When using HelpMeBro only Bros around you will be contacted by a push message, when you start a help request. Only people around you can help you fast. There are often people around you, who can offer help to you, which you are asking for.

Nowadays a lot of people are wasting their time in social networks and with media, which do not benefit their lives, instead of using the valuable time with fellow people, get to know people through help and receive help when needed.
These days the social cohesion is very important, if you see what is happening around the world. We should become better, we should become more helpful, we should live our life completely.

Bros among us, who helped once, know the feeling of perfection, which you can feel deep inside, if you are useful when helping others.
Also you have to have the courage to ask a Bro in the neighborhood for help, instead of getting upset hours, if you cannot solve something. Together everything can be done!

You need help?
You can fast and easily ask Bros near you for help. Describe your problem and what kind of help you need!
Bros will be notified via push and someone is on the way to you
You would like to help?
Do you have a good mood today and would like to help somebody? Let's do it! Someone needs certainly help! Look in the app for help requests!
Become a hero of your neighborhood!
Every good deed of YOU will be NEVER forgotten!
Get posivite feedbacks for providing help and become the Hero of your neighborhood!

Everyone benefits from using HelpMeBro

Expand your network
Help within some minutes and be social instead of wasting the whole time in virtual social networks and adding virtual friends to your contact list.
By this way you can find new friends, which can really help you in some situations. Maybe you also can find your love! 🙂
Fast response and help
Usually we ask for help our friends, parents etc. But they can not help you everytime and fast because of distance.
By HelpMeBro you have the possibility to get help from Bros not far from you by sending them push-message via helping request.
Do you need help to find something?
You have lost your mobile phone, bike oder cap?
It was stolen? By HelpMeBro you can also ask people for help to find your things again.
Someone will help you sure!

StartUpNight 2018

We are proud to be a part of a StartupNight in Berlin on the 7. September. Because it was not easy to be chosen because of many applications. We would like to invite you to visit the StartNight in Berlin to support us and also get know some other interesting projects and ideas.


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Do you want to be one of the Bros still today?
Just click on the buttons below on your mobile phone to download and install the application und you become the part of worldwide Bro-Unity!

Share the true social app!

In order that HelpMeBro should be able to work correct in its functions, the app will need yourfirst help. Please share HelpMeBro with your friends and their friends from all over the world, so that Bros can be near you everywhere and could help you if needed.

You can share it here or when using the app under the point ‘Share HelpMeBro’ in the menu. Thank you for your first help in advance, because your help will help everyone.

When you have done a good deed, you can share it with others by hashtaging the message or a picture/video with #HelpMeBro to be an example of a daily hero to others.
You can use the hashtag #HelpMeBro also if you need help with something connecting it with a picture/video.

You have some questions about the functionality?

Here you see the list of often asked questions. We hope, that the answers are good explained. If not, do not hesitate to contact us!

HelpMeBro should be a secured network, that is why your number will be used in order tob e an advantage for all Bros and for you.

1.       The network is serious.

2.       Bros, who will help you, will see your mobile number to call you. That is ver important if emergency situations occur.

3.       Your mobile number is your ID which your profile receivs ratings for your help requests and your help. This helps you to know whom you are helping and who want to help you.

Your location is your actual position and your actual position is important to you, that Bros around you can contact you when you need help and you start a help request. Only in that way the app is working like it should – fast help from Bros around you!

If something was stolen from you or you lost something, you have the option to click ‘Help in finding’ in the menu and to mention what is missing.

After a short descrition and the adding of the phone number, which should be contacted when finding the item, you send the request.

After a intern verification, if this request is serious, your announcement will be shown for long-term until it will be found.